We offer housing and support to destitute asylum seekers who  have lost all  other support.

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We offer short-term housing to destitute asylum seekers – our city’s hidden poor, who are denied the right to find jobs or to live in social housing yet call Sheffield their ‘home’. Since 2007 we have housed around 70 failed and destitute asylum seekers from over 20 different countries.

“I worked for UNICEF in my old country”
– Ben (Somalia).

These people are just like you and me, often with families overseas, and professions they have had to leave behind. Now they are denied the opportunity to provide for themselves in the UK. We want them to have a warm home to begin to rebuild their lives in.

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We estimate there are several thousand destitute asylum seekers in Sheffield. Many have lost all means of support and their accommodation has been withdrawn. Some qualify for meagre emergency grants or weekly meals from agencies or churches. Many simply survive hand-to-mouth, often living on friend’s floors. We believe you can help.

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We’ve helped over 70 asylum seekers in Sheffield get their lives back on track. For up to 1 year we provide a room in a small shared house with good quality living standards, and we pay essential bills like heating and council tax. We encourage our guests to submit new claims to the Home Office during this time.

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Firas Sharefy, an Iraqi asylum seeker lives in our house on low edges , has been busy over the past few years volunteering and making refugees and asylum seekers feel at home in Sheffield.  From cooking nutritious food and playing table tennis at the Open Kitchen Social Club, to helping co-ordinate drop-in sessions and giving advice to others living in desperation, Firas is making the most of his present situation in life, which is far from easy.


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