A weekend in Derbyshire

On Friday 5th October a party of 17 of us set off for an Open Hands weekend away. A first for us! 17 people came, including 11 guys who all had either been guests previously or are currently guests in one of our houses or who were regulars at our Monday meal. We came from 9… Read More →

New guests in Burngreave

In August we moved two new guests into our Burngreave house. One from Kuwait and the other is Kurdish from Iran. You can see them both pictured below. Volunteer house manager Ralph (pictured) is helping them to get settled. We’re thrilled to be able to extend hospitality and provide a home to those most in… Read More →

Footy match

Free tickets from Sheffield United FC were used by the guys yesterday. Thanks to Dave McCarthy Operations Director of SUFC for arranging the tickets. NB: this doesn’t mean Open Hands are all Blades! Neither does it mean we’re all Owls…. just trying to stay neutral here….

Open Hands Evening on 15th October (8pm)

Dear friends & supporters, Europe is in the midst of the most significant refugee crisis for almost a century. Millions of people are fleeing their homes due to war, persecution, oppression and torture and many of these are making their way to Europe. They face many dangers on their long journey and are willing to… Read More →